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Worldowner reviews Might & Magic Heroes VI (PC)

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Worldowner said...

Thats the right word for that game.

Role system from classic Heroes was cut down to a level of a total idiots. Thats the worst thing in that game. No more complicated builds and original strategies, all what you can do in that game scripted b4 you start the game. Its not a game in a giant world anymore, its only a toy, that can be walkthrough'ed and forgot after a few days.

The worst, but not only. Game still loosing textures and crashing after 3rd patch. Heroes acting unnatural (hero necromancer is a schoolgirl, she have a pretty voice and totally not looks like a dead, undead, or an necromancer). Should i continue?...

In general, the game is a 100% clone, made by an untalented amateurs, with an only purpose - to get some money from the people that loves original HOMM universe. Thats all about it...

Game Traits applied to Might & Magic Heroes VI (PC) by Worldowner

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    casual, for idiots, profiteering on classic universe
Might & Magic Heroes VI

Might & Magic Heroes VI (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 11/OCT/11
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